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Susanne Kaufmann - Nutrient Serum

Susanne Kaufmann - Nutrient Serum

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-Moisturizing booster

-Stimulates regeneration process

-Supports collagen structure

-Antioxidant effect

-Clinically proven


A skin-smoothing facial serum developed with a blend of nutrient-rich botanical extracts to deeply moisturise and nourish skin, leaving it look rejuvenated.

Harnessing the nutrient-rich power of plants, the Nutrient Serum features a blend of houseleek and marigold extracts, known for their soothing and healing properties, and pomegranate extract to firm and hyaluronic acid to replace lost moisture. Upon application, skin feels nourished and exceptionally soft to the touch.

Suitable for dehydrated and stressed skin in need of energy, just a few drops of this highly concentrated serum will have an instant impact on the texture, tone and vibrancy of your complexion.

Due to the use of active, natural ingredients, this product may appear cloudy.

Proven Results, Validated by Users*

  • 100% of volunteers detected a positive increase in skin hydration
  • 95% of volunteers detected a positive increase in skin firmness
  • 90% of volunteers detected improved skin elasticity
  • 95% of volunteers detected improved skin smoothness